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Once the bulk of the Harlem Laboratory renovation was done, I made the decision to move in with many smaller projects still to be finished. The place was liveable, and ?I figured I could work on them over the coming months, gradually. Busy with worksofa pillow cases, months dragged on and some of the unfinished bits became literal eyesores. I hated looking at them. Until I could devise the solutions I wanted, I had to come up with temporary fixes.

An ex-set designer I knew came up with a foamcore “;front”; for the ugly heater ?(below) that would have cost fortune to replace. Foam core! What an idea. You can cut it with a utility knife. Half-inch thickness are pretty solid. And you can paint it.

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I’;ve devised a number of foamcore solutions for unfinished elements I will deal with down the line when time and $$ permits.

I replaced the ill-fitting plastic AC surround with a snug foamcore one that gives it a clean look. (I used the plastic surround as a template for cutting the foam core, squaring the edges), above.

…;A sheet of foam core covers the pull-out shelf in a nook in the kitchen…;

photo: sally schneider

until I figure out the right front for it…;

photo: sally schneider

A thin sheet of foam core wedged behind my desk disguises a tangle of ugle electronics wires…;

photo: sally schneider

For smallish projects, Amazon sells?foam core in 20″ x 30″ sheets. I prefer to make the occasional trip to?Utrecht?or another good art store where we buy 40″ x 60″ sheets in 1/2″ or 3/8″ thicknesses. It’s so light, I can manage 4 or 5 sheets at a time. You can also order from?Utrecht online. ?Foam core comes in black, white and the occasional color, and can be painted.

My foamcore fixes won’;t last forever, but they buy me some time until I get to my endless to-do’;s.

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Thomas Loof for New York Magazine

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