sofa pillow cases customized rustic pillow covers Quick Tip- Test Your Stitches Before You Start to Sew

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It’s always exciting to begin a new sewing project. We’re eager to get started, and test stitching can feel like a roadblock to the creativity to come. However, ripping out a bad seam or ruining an expensive piece of fabric with a gnarl of thread is an even greater roadblock. Taking just a few minutes at the beginning of every project to test your stitches is another Quick Tip that leads to a pro finish.?

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Thread up your machine with the thread you’ll be using for your project. If you already have scraps of the actual fabric you’ll be working withsofa pillow cases, use one of those. If not, grab something out of your stash. We like to keep a variety of weights handy.

If you’ll be working with very delicate fabric or a substrate that is known to be “tricky,” such as a laminate or one that has a pre-embellished surface, it’s worth taking the time to cut out your pieces first in order to generate scraps of the real fabric to use for your test stitching.

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