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Is it a good or bad idea to let your child write or draw on your walls? Like most things in life there are pros and cons to allowing this to happen in your home. We take a look at the pros and cons of chalkboard walls.

Being creative and being given the opportunity to be so, is a must for all children irrespective of their age or ability. There are no hard and fast rules as to what you can draw or write on a chalkboard – only those 'set' by your own house rules. e.g. no swear words!

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Learning the formation of words and reading them takes encouragement and practice. A chalkboard is a great place for a child to explore the world of literacy and numeracy come to that!

Some will undoubtedly argue this point! But with the correct instruction a chalkboard may just prevent your child from scribbling or drawing on every surface they walk past.

It's an art learning how to hold a piece of chalk and making it make marks on the wall. Chubby chalks may be good for toddlers.

Talking about what your child has draw or written will encourage conversations and aid vocabulary.

Apart from somewhere for the chalks and eraser a chalkboard doesn't take up any storage space, no matter how big it is!

All children and most adults like to make their marksofa pillow cases, which makes chalkboards suitable for toddlers, teens and beyond.

Children may think they can draw on any wall they like.

May be harmful to those in the family with breathing problems, although it's not toxic.

Chalk dust will get everywhere! The fine particulars of dust will settle like snow on every surface of the room. You could try and reduce this by using a damp board eraser when wiping clean or including a dust catcher at the bottom of the wall.

Chalk dust and the chalks themselves when trodden on may mark flooring, especially coloured chalks.

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