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Ok, its mid season, your living room décor is looking a little tired but you’ve got bills to pay. I’m going to help you transform the entire space for under £50. To keep it simple and therefore avoid any unnecessary costs we will split it into three parts- walls, floors and details. Walls and floors is fairly self explanatory I would have thought, details covers things like furnituresofa pillow cases, layout, accessories and soft furnishings.

First thing’s first, let’s take care of the walls. You should always work your way down when decorating so as not to ruin your new flooring. Decorating the walls with create the biggest change to the room in terms of mood and style. The cheapest but most effective way to do it is by choosing one bright colour that matches your furnishings and painting all of the walls. A light and bright shade will not only add life to a dull room, it will also make it feel bigger and less cluttered whilst adding a sense of unity. Another cheap fix is to choose one wall as a feature wall and papering it in a bold pattern.

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What flooring do you have down? If you have a carpet that is looking a little worn but otherwise still in keeping with your tastes, a simple fix is to use the shampooing option on your vacuum to bring it back to life. If you don’t have on, ring around the family or knock on a few neighbours doors. Another option is to gingerly peel back one corner of your carpet or lift up a section of your laminate and check to see how your floorboards are looking.

It always amazes me how people talk about how much they’d love a real wooden floor when most of us do but choose to cover them up with a cheap alternative. The industrial, lived in look is growing hugely in popularity at the minute so you could leave the boards in whatever state you find them and simply seal the surface with some wax or oil. If this is a little rough and ready for your tastes, forget about hiring out expensive sanding machines, and instead pick up some cheap sanding attachments for your drill and put in some hours over the weekend- the results are really worth the effort.

For a quick fix that requires no effort at all you could instead pick up a really cheap rag rug and position it so that your whole seating area is better defined- all to often rooms lack focus and comfort due to poor arrangement- which leads me onto the final part of the puzzle- the details.

Rearranging your furniture so that it provides a better social setting is a great way to bring about change in your living room. Moving sofas away from the wall will allow you to better appreciate their sculptural shape, making them feel more chic and expensive.

If you have gone for a papered feature wall you could place in front of it a single seat armchair and side table to create a welcoming reading area. If you have some pictures hanging around the room, reposition them onto your newly papered feature wall to finish the scene.

Picking up new but inexpensive soft furnishings like scatter cushions, a throw or some ring top curtains will really help bring your existing furniture back up to date. Finally, whilst on the subject of window dressing, try to pick a treatment which allows lots of light to flood into the room. It doesn’t matter how keen your eye for design is, a gloomy, light starved room will always look drab. Some white Venetian blinds would really help brighten things up whilst still allowing the room to maintain some privacy.

One of the things I was especially excited to learn about on my recent trip to Hawaii was the art of Hawaiian quilting. I’ve always loved the bold colors and simple designs of Hawaiian quilts. Since I know that many of you love quilting and fabric as much as I do, that you would not mind if I shared ?some of the things I learned and picked up on my trip.

Let you bedroom become a masterpiece of art by incorporating a variety of graceful textures, an intriguing headboard, and hints of elegance with accessories. Make your colours a secondary component while concentrating on the depth and tone that can be created by layering cotton, velvet, wool and luxury bedding materials. The result will be a grand, sumptuous glow, filled with serenity.

Picnics are all part of the British Summer, however, alfresco dining is the new kid on the block and has taken the common place out of outdoor eating on a picnic rug and lifted into a chic style, which many homes have adopted as a way to enjoy eating outside in the comfort of their own homes. This type of outdoor eating doesn't wholly revolve around family barbecues – it's more about eating breakfast, dinner or tea outside in style and comfort.