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Favourite Food: ?I can’t say I’m the best cook in the world; (in fact I can hardly cook anything) but one food I couldn’t live without would have be warm bread, the smell is amazing and there are so many different types. I tend to look forward to pudding more than the main meal and love homemade cakes of any type.

Likes: ?All the normal things socialising with family and friends, history (especially the Tudors), reading, art, drawing, going on holiday, sunshinesofa pillow cases, exploring, and having fun, shopping (you can’t beat a bit of retail therapy), my home, and my pet cats.

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Dislikes: ?Clutter, uncoordinated furniture.

Favourite Film: So many to choose from, I’m a big horror film fan and love going to the cinema to see scary films, mainly because the atmosphere in the cinema always adds a different element to film, but some of my ultimate favourites would have include Aliens (I know almost all the words to this film.) another film I can watch over and over again at a total opposite end of the scale is Sofia Coppolas - Marie Antoinette mainly because it’s such a feast for the eyes and I love history.

Favourite Food:?BBQ’s may be a seasonal thing, but I don’t think you can beat a skewer packed with haloumi, green/red pepper, mushrooms and onion and cooked to smokey perfection over some hot coals.

Likes:?I really love?photography, interior design, and eating ice cream in the sunshine.

Dislikes:??The smell of overripe bananas.

Favourite Film: ?When it comes to films, I love silly old ones like ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’. But my favourite of all time has to be ’Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, it’s the kind of film you could put on when you’re snuggled up in bed not feeling very well and by the end of it you’d be at least 50 percent perkier than you were before.

Favourite Music Album: ?I’m pretty eclectic, and have been known to listen to anything from Led Zepplin to Britney Spears.? But if I had to pick one album that always brightens up my day I would pick ‘Lights’ by Ellie Goulding.

Favourite Food: ?Mum’s Homemade Sausage Casserole, chocolate brownies and strawberries.

Likes: ?Drawing, Interiors, Fabrics, Yoga, Blogging, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and anything vintage.

Dislikes:?Horror and Scary movies, Heights, Slugs, Enormous man eating spiders.

Favourite Film: ?Got to be Wreck it Ralph or Up!? my taste in films varies so much from the traditional ever loved Disney ( don’t judge me haha) to the amazingly animated Studio ghibli and films such as transformers. Safe to say I’d rather pick a kids film over something extremely scary any day though the grudge isn’t to bad.

Favourite Food: Baguettes with some lovely fresh jambon

Likes: Everything apart from Escargot and tete de veau

Dislikes: Escargot and tete de veau

Favourite Film: The Bridges of Madison County

Favourite Music Album: Blue is the colour – Beautiful South

Favourite Book: I don't have a favourite book, I like most crime thrillers.?

Favourite Colour: Green of course!

Favourite Season: Summer

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Quite often we are asked for advice on what to sew for little boys. This Ribbon Playmat is quick and fun to make and guarantees hours of creative play. It also packs up nicely for on-the-go entertainment. Make a note of this one for the next time you are wondering what to make your favorite 5yr old for his (or her!) birthday.

Nowadays, we usually don’t sew to save money, but this is one of those times when sewing really saved! My daughter has a birthday coming up soon and we were shopping about a month ago when she found a top that she loved….it was $80.00. It was a great top to wear over a nice tank to give it a dressy look—she loved all the beautiful spring colors; and, in fact, she wanted three colors of the same top.