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Hi there! I’;m so excited today to be sharing with you the tutorial for this Large Hexagon Quilt. I was able to whip this Halloween Quilt up very quickly using a half hexagon quilt ruler, this free Hexagon Quilt Pattern, and a bunch of Halloween fabric fat quarters.

This large hexagon Halloween quilt is made up with an extremely random selection from my Halloween fabric stash.

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I decided to stick to blacks, oranges, and whitessofa pillow cases, trying to vary the scale of the prints for interest. ? I think that all large-scale prints would have been a bit overwhelming for this size of a quilt.

However, I do think the large hexagon shape lends itself well to both large and novelty prints. It’;s a great quilt to make if you’;re looking to use up a lot of fabric scraps.

You could easily use this Large Hexagon Quilt pattern to make a quilt for any season or occasion. It does not have to be a Halloween quilt. This pattern would also make a great baby quilt!

Normally when you piece hexagons together for a quilt you end up with a difficult to sew “;Y”; seam.? To avoid having to sew Y seams, I used a special half hexagon quilt ruler when I cut out my quilt.

By cutting the hexagon in half you can avoid this by sewing 1/2 hexagon shapes together in rows, thus avoiding Y seams.

Just know that you do have to plan ahead to get the look that you want.

Last weekend we headed down to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, KY for a little photo shoot. I have always photographed my quilts at home before and thought it would be fun to try a little “;quilts in the wild”; photo shoot this time. ?

Shaker Village is absolutely one of my favorite places in Kentucky, a must see if you ever visit our fine State (more on our visit later this week).

I should subtitle this post “;the time a donkey almost ate my quilt”;. I hung the quilt on this fence to photograph it, and the donkey seemed very interested. A little too interested actually, as he started to try to bite it…; my kids were able to yank it away before he got to it. I forgave him as he was absolutely adorable.

To finish the quilt I decided to free motion quilt spiderwebs on to the quilt. I couldn’;t bring myself to quilt a spider web in every hexagon (although that would have been cool), so I chose to quilt 5 large spiderwebs then fill in a few of the hexagons with their own web. ?

I free handed the spiderwebs, so they are far from perfect, we’;ll call them primitive.

If you’;d like to make one here’;s how you can do it!

Quilt Size: The quilt is “;about”; 40″; wide by 60″; tall. Since it is made from Hexagons the math is a bit harder to calculate on a finished size than a quilt made from rectangles.

You’;ll need:

You need to cut 106 half hexagons from your prints in groups of 2 so 53 sets. (remember that the hexagon is cut in half and you will sew it back together).

I chose not to try to match the direction of the prints on my half hexagons. The actual fabric print it matched up, however as I was cutting out my fabrics I didn’;t try to match the “;repeat”;. So if there was a large pumpkin on one of the half hexagons, I did not try to make the other half hexagon be cut in the exact same place on the pumpkin.

You could do it but this was supposed to be a “;quick and easy”; quilt and matching 53 hexagon prints would have slowed me down.

You can cut the way you think is easiest. If you want to first cut 53 10”; squares then cut your hexagons from that you can, or you can just cut them off of the fabric with it folded over. That’;s what I did.

I have a spinning cutting mat and it made quick work of cutting out the shapes.

If you have a Moda dessert roll they are just the right size to cut these out, as the strips are cut to 5”; tall.

Next, you’;ll need to pre-plan your layout before you start sewing. I ended up with 7 half hexagons across and 15 total rows. You’;ll need to use a design wall or just lay the pieces out on the floor.

Make sure that your prints match up to create the full hexagon when sewn together.

Now start sewing the 1/2 hexagon shapes together by row. Making sure to keep them in the exact same order as when you laid them out.

Use a 1/4”; seam allowance. I always label my rows with a water-soluble pen, so I know what order they go back together.

Now press the seams to one side. Press the seams on the odd # rows to the right and the seams on the even # rows to the left.

Next just sew your rows together!

The effect is all large hexagons.

I put a simple gray spider print on the back of mine and bound it with some simple black swiss dot.

A Tour of Shaker Village in Kentucky

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