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Children can become very agitated and anxious when confronted with the upheaval of moving – it's stressful enough for adults – so making the transition from one home to another needs to be given plenty of forethought and loads of TLC. All children need a space they can call their own, even if they share a bedroom. So you'll need to listen to what your child or children are saying and do you utmost to accommodate their wishes.

I'm not talking about bowing to every demand, because life just isn't like that for most of us; what I am trying to convey is that you can make a child feel comfortable and at home simply by making some joint decisions about soft furnishings you use in their bedroom. Cheap duvet cover sets are an ideal way to let your child feel involved as well as enabling them to make choices. Your rented property may not permit you to decorate a princess theme for examplesofa pillow cases, however, pretty pink bedding and lots of snugly cushions can be a great compromise. Practical window dressings also need to be considered.

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Blackout curtains are ideal for children of all ages, helping them to feel safe and secure. Your landlord's curtains can be replaced with childrens curtains in a favourite colour, design or to coordinate with their bedding. Cheap rugs can be used as play mats for younger children and will stop you fretting or wondering what 'bugs' may be lurking within the landlord's carpets!

Alternatively cheap rugs make a great 'crash zone' for older children particularly if you use bean-bags, along with large scatter cushions, again in a coordinating colour or design chosen by your child. All or any one or a combination of some of these ideas can help your child feel at ease and settle quickly into their new surroundings – moving home is a major upheaval for everyone in the family and it may not be a plain sailing as you hoped for.

However, with a few thoughtful gestures when choosing your soft furnishings and lots of attention you'll be amazed at how quickly most children adapt to a new environment (it will be you laying awake with a million things go rushing around your head, while your child (hopefully) will sleep soundly!).

Bisphenol A (BPA) is currently the subject of many articles, blogs, news reports and scientific studies. Several countries have already banned BPA in some children’s products, as have some states in the U.S. Is BPA exposure really something you should be worried about? In fact, it is. Exposure to BPA is almost inevitable.

I can't imagine where you have been if you didn't already know about the unstoppable colour trend grey - right from the beginning of the year it has been fighting its very own corner - now grey is absolutely everywhere! Grey bathrooms definitely work whether we are using them in combination with a monochrome black and white scheme or with a tranquil colour such as green. It does lend to that spa experience and we know its on trend because its used in virtually every contemporary wet room design.

Impressive lighting will not only give you plenty of light to show off your room, it will only make a statement. Go for big and bold, making sure that the lighting compliments the style of your décor.