sofa pillow cases How to create your own little herb garden in your kitchen sofa pillow covers

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Indoor plants look fantastic anywhere and the kitchen is no exception. Go for the edible kind so you’ll always have herbs in easy reach when cooking

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Every kitchen looks fresher and more alive with some friendly greenery. Kitchens are often one of the best places in the house to grow plants because most have a sun-facing window that will provide lots of light to keep your plants happy. Consider edible plants for the bench or window sill, and ornamental plants to dress up shelves or sit on top of the fridge.

Herbs are a fantastic and fresh addition to any meal and add a plethora of health benefits as well as flavour. It makes sense to have them close at hand while you’re cooking. Instead of walking out to the vege patch on a rainy day, think of keeping some of your most frequently used herbs in the kitchen for quick and easy access. Because your pots of herbs aren’t outside, you’ll also know they’re not being sprayed with any nasty chemicals.

Composting is a great way to recycle your kitchen scraps and produce some quality soil to put back into your garden.

Do compost–;?All fruit and vege waste–;?Old breadsofa pillow cases, crackers, pizza or noodles (anything made of flour)–; Grains–; Coffee grounds and teabags–; Eggshells–; Cereal

Don’;t compost–;?Meat or meat waste such as bones, fat or skin–; Fish or fish waste–;?Dairy products, eg cheese, butter and yoghurt–;?Grease or oil

Words by: Ryan McQuerry. Photography by: Andrew Finlayson, James Knowler, Will Horner, Cath Muscat/; Sylwia Gervais/Oneshot.

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