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Learning how to make a notepad is so much easier than you think! Homemade DIY notepads gives you the freedom to customize for your own needs! DIY Gifts, match your home decor, organize by categories. So many options!

Give a girl a stack of Astrobright?papers and tell her to create something and you’;ll see a giddy smile on her face! With school starting soon, I wanted to create something bright and cheery that I can make and give to the teachers and something I could use at home. Since we’;re talking middle schoolsofa pillow cases, I’;d probably embarrass my son with some of the back to school elementary teacher gifts. I wanted to give them something simple, something they could use at home or school. Everyone needs a notepad and once you learn how to make a notepad, you’;ll never buy another one! Making your own notepad opens up creative possibilities for creating a custom design or adding a personal touch.

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Everyone needs homemade diy notepads, a??“;To Do Notepad”;. Using my word program, I created a simple header. (If you already have teacher names, use their name as the header. Another great idea for elementary is to scan a drawing from your child and use that as the design). To Do…;…;…;.or not to do. I thought that was a catchy header.

You can print on plain white paper too.

Now you know how to make a notepad!

Super easy! This craft is easy enough for your children to help. If you’;re working with a vice grip, you may want to assist them…;…;.especially if it’;s not mounted like mine.

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