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“;Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”; ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -Vincent Norman Peale

Christmas is only a few weeks away. There’;s still time to create special one of a kind mementos to place around your home. Think advent calendars, countdown stationssofa pillow cases, banners and garlands?that?welcome all visitors into your?home. With a few simple supplies, you can create an easy Christmas garland?that says Ho, Ho, Ho, just like Alison Osborn created using some Canvas Corp Supplies.?To make your own garland follow along with Alison’;s quick and easy instructions with?material list below.

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To create this festive banner, I started with 6 Canvas Mini Flags. First, I created a flag-shaped paper template about 80% smaller than the Canvas Mini Flags. Using this template, I then cut flag shapes out of the Farmhouse Christmas Fabric. Next, I pinned the fabric shapes to the flags and hand stitched them on with red and white baker’s twine. Then I glued on the wooden alphabet letters. Using wooden clips and baker’s twine, I hung the Ho Ho Ho Garland in my dining room. Super easy, super cute!

Have you ever thought that books are nothing more than literally dead wood, but we stare at them for hours and imagine the vividest of things? Entire worlds, new people, magical beings, there’s no end the things that books can make us imagine. And what better way to show off your love of books than with these cute book bags?

Welcome back, my little DIY darlings! Are you excited to discuss a stencil idea that will absolutely blow your creative little minds?? It’s actually something so easy and simple that you’re gonna slap yourself right upside the head saying “Why didn’t I think of that before?”? Start out by envisioning your bathroom.? Now does something seem like it’s missing or doesn’t complement your existing decor? Cutting Edge Stencils wants you to consider using our stencils to create your own shower curtain! We can show you how it works to ease you into the idea! Challenge accepted? Cool! Let’s begin!

Getting your own room is a synonym to becoming an emperor of your territory. You get access to its boundaries and freedom to make it look the way you want it to be. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, room decoration is a topic of serious consideration. Everything that finds a place in your room is because of some reason. Every item has its own memory or fondness associated with it: A throwback into the past, living the present and anticipation & encouragement for the future.?We, therefore, want you to decorate your room to perfection. And to achieve this perfection, we have brought forth some unique gifts for your home decor to redecorate your room.