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2020-03-08 15:34:55 custom gift for housewarming

We are in the “;home stretch”; when it comes to Christmas Sewing and I hope that all of you are now done with all of your gifts! If not, this sewing pattern for a simple earbuds case (or business card case) can be whipped out in less than an hoursofa pillow cases, making them a great last minute gift idea.

A few months ago I told you about my next fabric line coming in 2016 called Wonderland (read more about it here). ?Well I don’;t have any ACTUAL fabric yet but I do have lots of bits and pieces that are strike offs. ?The fabric mills send small samples of each print in the line to the designer to get their “;ok”; before they print the bolts and bolts?of the fabric. ?These are called strike offs. ?Sometimes the strike offs are spot on and sometimes they are FAR FROM it.

pillow cases floral

I’;ve quite a few little bits of these strike offs (less than a fat quarter in size) and have been stitching up a few projects with them. One of the projects I made was this little earbuds case for my post over at Tatertots &; Jello this month.

This little case is just the right size to hold your headphones or business cards or a lipstick for a night out. ?It features just a tiny bit of metallic gold leather to dress it up a bit.


I’;ve got one or two more posts to share with you guys in 2015 then I’;ll be signing off until January to spend some time with my family. I hope that everyone out there gets the chance to do the same. ?I’;m really looking forward to 2016 and can’;t wait to share with you some of the projects that I’;ve been working on.

My girls are 9 and 5 years old now and they have shared a room for about 2 years now.? I have had dreams of making a really cute girly room but it keeps getting put on the back burner.? You know, because having a baby, moving a few states away, and then a trillion other projects on the list! ;)? But, I have been getting the itch lately to go ahead and get started on their room.? I don’t know…..I just want them to have an inviting place that they can call their own, that’s inviting and sweet and fun.? So I have been looking around for ideas and have been trying to decide if I want to keep the bunk beds we have now or to separate them.? Also, I have seen so many great storage ideas that would help with all their toys, trinkets, and books that they collect.? But I also want them to have color and vibrance but not overloaded.? Hmmm, so many thoughts going through my head…..and I have found so many ideas that have inspired me.

Do you love looking at Pinterest sewing projects? They always looks?so cute and easy. And with a bit of patience, you’ll find that sewing isn’t too difficult for simple home projects. But before you get started, you’ll need a few must haves for sewing beginners. These basics are super affordable and don’t require an entire sewing room. Scroll down to see the simple items that are oh-so-important for getting your new sewing hobby off the ground!

There are a lot of things to think about as a new mom, and whether to breast or bottle feed your baby is one of those important choices. Although experts agree that “breast is best,” it’s not always an option for everyone. If you need to feed your infant formula instead, you’ll want to ensure that you pick one that’s easy to digest and filled with nutrients that mimic breast milk to help your baby grow up happy and healthy.