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2020-01-17 23:28:07 custom gift for housewarming

Since my last few posts ended up being… a little bit more controversial than I expected, I’m going with something safe this week; a tutorial on the diy pinwheels that I’m using as decoration in the church where we’re getting married.

I was having a hard time with the smaller pinwheels, specifically in regards to connecting the 4 points to the center, but I found a quick way to make the larger type. Since these didn’t need to be of the functional varietysofa pillow cases, I used a hole-punch and an office fastener!

accent pillow case baby canvas baby decoration

Materials needed

-square sheets of cardstock or paper; you can find the 12×;12 size pretty easily at Craft stores, but if you’d like to make an 8×;8, you can cut a standard size sheet of paper into a square also.

–; office fasteners

–; pencil


-hole puncher

–; stickers (optional)

Step 1?= fold your cardstock/paper corner to corner so that it makes a large X.?If your cardstock is?thick, you can also just?draw 2 lines, corner to corner.

Step 2 = cut along the lines until you are around 1 –; 2 inches from the middle (you can mark these points or just eye-ball it).

Step 3 =?Each?corner now has 2 sections, for a total of 8 sections. Hole punch every other section,?and the center of the cardstock. You should have 5 holes in all.

Step 4 = fold all 4 points into the center and connect with an office fastener.

Step 5 = If you don’t like the office fastener look, cover it with a sticker! I actually think that it makes it look more like an actual pinwheel, so I’m keeping it as is.

Step 6 = Enjoy!

Warm, toasty, cozy, and looking cool. Taking just a few steps to make, the design possibilities are endless. Play with fabric, leather, felt, etc. and embellish with embroidery, glitz, or anything you like. This is a great project for using up remnants, too. Once you make a pair, you won’t want to just stop there. After all, when those little piggies come back from market, they like to slip into something comfortable.

Hi everyone, Jess the Sewing Rabbit here from the?Me Sew Crazy blog! ?I was so excited when Melissa asked if I would be a part of her Polka Dot Project, you see – I have admired her site for quite a while now. It’s hard not to love something that has Polka Dot in the title of it, right?

I’ve got a fun treat for you today! This adorable Valentine Survival Kit is made by the talented Melinda Tomasello. ?I twisted her arm to guest post because I knew you’d all love it! This goes perfectly with all the Valentine Printables I’ve been posting!