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Bedroom design ideas for a comfortable, stylish space

Our bedrooms are where we spend most of our time, meaning that the quality of these rooms’ surroundings can really impact how we start and end every single day. Making sure your curtain option, bedding, rug and cushions are fabulous matters, so we’ve brought together a host of tips to make sure you get a look that suits you down to a tee.

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One of the most popular design trends in recent years has been the vintage look. Vintage fashion is generally seen as anything that’s less than 100 years old, but that is particularly representative of the era it comes from (as opposed to retro fashion, which is more to do with pop culture).

When it comes to adding this classic style into your bedroom, you need to try and build the look around the bigger pieces, such as the bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. Head to large charity shops, vintage warehouses and auction houses, hunting for quality pieces of art deco or modernist themes. If you’re willing to do a little upcycling, don’t be afraid to look for more distressed or worn pieces – you could easily bag a complete bargain!In terms of crafting a fabulous vintage decorative style, your choice very much depends on the type of vintage style or decade you’re striving to recreate. If you’re looking to recreate a decadent 1920s or 1930s-themed boudoir, look for crisp lines, controlled curves and design trends that remind you of Gatsby, flapper girls and the Empire State. For a 1950s Bauhaus stylesofa pillow cases, the opposite is true, with thin, clearly designed lines, splashes of colour alongside grayscale shades, and an overall minimalist feel.

Terry’s Fabrics has a range of vintage-themed fabrics on sale, including bedding by Emma Bridgewater, Appletree and iLiv, combining rustic motifs with clean, pleasing colours.

Modern styles can sometimes be viewed as vintage, but in general, modern design does away with the fancy and elaborate details that you’ll find with vintage and period décor. It’s because of this cool, clean feel that plenty of people love bringing the style into the room they relax and sleep in most.

To bring a modern look into your home, look for blocks of colour, crisp lines and plenty of angles. Open-plan layouts are particularly modern, especially those that include storage areas that don’t jut out into the central space. It’s important to also forget architectural mouldings like picture rails, skirting boards and cornices, alongside anything else that clutters up the much-needed crispness.In your bedroom, use chrome and stainless steel metals for bedframes, curtain rails, table legs and fittings, and consider utilising light colour schemes to make the most of natural light. For the floor, a modern rug can also be a great way to add a little texture and comfort to the room. Colour-wise, contrasting colours are perfectly fine here – it’s not uncommon to find a modern bedroom featuring colours like scarlet, black and white used all at once!

Similar to modern design, contemporary style is big on clean lines and a complete lack of fussiness, but tends to have a more organic, relaxed feel compared to the stark contrasts and bold, brash colour schemes found in modern spaces.If you enjoy nature and muted colours like light tans and greens, contemporary design could be a lovely choice for your bedroom. Look for wooden platform beds, simple storage furniture and wooden or tiled floors, and decorate large spaces of colour – the walls and bedspreads, for instance – with pure whites and other calming shades.

The style isn’t completely lacking in the colour department though, and the serene canvas of the walls, floor and furniture lets you show off lush plants and vibrant artworks – just make sure not to go too overboard! Natural light is a must for a contemporary bedroom, so try not to prevent the flow of light into the room by placing furniture near or in front of the windows. If you need a little extra privacy, consider thin fabrics and unfussy net curtains to diffuse the light through your space.

If you long to live in an episode of Pride and Prejudice or Downton, choose period pieces and recreate the feel of a country manor or fabulous townhouse! Period style is dependent on antique furnishings and historical flourishes, but like vintage style, the certain look depends very much on the era you’re trying to replicate. Whether you’ve got a thing for Tudor, think Georgian is gorgeous or have an eye for Edwardian, do your research, find out what made that particular style, and go hunting!

Period bedrooms certainly benefit from plenty of antiques, but you can keep the costs down by heading to auction houses, large charity shops and using online stores to find great pieces that don’t cost an absolute arm and a leg. Don’t discount contemporary retailers either – there are plenty of brand-new furnishings out there that conform to period design trends, whether they ooze fancy French luxury or lean Georgian looks.In terms of fabrics, be inventive. Georgian styles involve soft floral or plain fabrics not unlike those used in the contemporary style; French Empire design is big on bold, rich colours such as red, turquoise and gold; while Victorian goes all-out ornate – make sure to invest in a range of beautiful bedspreads, duvet covers and cushions for a true reproduction of the style. Take a look at Terry’s Fabrics’ range of jacquard and damask fabric – period styles through and through.

A tidy room most often equals a tidy mind, and the easiest way to get there is through employing a minimalist look in your bedroom. The minimalist style is relatively easy to employ, and the hardest bit of getting the look is exercising restraint – it’s totally dependent on having zero fuss, clutter or colour!

Minimalist bedrooms need white or extremely pale-coloured walls and ceilings, and light-coloured floors – wood or carpet. Everything you place in your room needs to have a purpose and be a necessity, so do away with knick-knacks and clutter, and try to stick to just one plant and one piece of art on the walls - opt for plain coloured simple blinds such as roman blinds or roller blinds instead of curtains which can be clunky.This clean living extends to the furniture too, so look for muted woods; clean, straight lines; and a lack of visual distractions. With the wardrobe, consider a glass-doored piece, or simply use an exposed rail to add texture to the overall appearance of the room. Try and keep the colour scheme of your objects confined to grayscale, particularly the bed linen.

When the seasons turn, it really pays to change up your bedroom design, boosting your comfort as you sleep, and making sure you ‘feel’ the season – because it’s nice to feel light and airy in summer and soft and snuggly in winter!

If you only change one thing between the seasons, then make sure it’s the bed. In winter, make sure you’ve got a thick duvet, and throws to hold in the heat, and replace these with lighter bed linen or satin or taffeta throws for when the mercury starts rising in summer.

Changing your curtain style is a lot like replacing your bedspreads – swap thicker, interlined winter curtains for light cotton or sheer voiles to give your bedroom a brighter, airier feel.

Really want to go the extra mile? Swap your bedroom’s decorations around depending on the seasons too! Go for floral curtains, pictures or plants in the sunnier months, swapping these for darker, moodier art and strong-leafed perennial plants in the chillier seasons.

Most of us don’t enjoy the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, but there are lots of ways that you can maximise the amount of storage space you have in your room, whatever the particular style of interior décor you’ve gone for.Fitted wardrobes run floor to ceiling and are best for getting the most storage for your sterling, however they can alter the proportions of a room, so consider avoiding them if you’re really lacking space, or pick out the wardrobe door panelling in a colour that’s complimentary to your room’s base colour to counteract the room-shrinking effect.

Moving out for the first time can be an exciting, but often stressful time. This gets even worse when you want to create an adult space but lack the tips and tricks to prove you’re truly living an independent lifestyle.

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