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Create an embroidered quilt block –; without leaving the design “;floating”; in the center of your block! BERNINA’;s new version 6 Embroidery Software automatically creates echo quilting that fills your block perfectly.

1 –; Open your v6 software. Select File >; Open >; and browse to the Animals folder in your Embroidery Software 6 folder, and select the dragonfly design #FM608.

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2 –; Select a hoop to fit your quilt design, and use the Rectangle Tool to create a satin stitch border to replicate the outer edge of your quilt block (use the Control key for a perfect square).

3 –; Select Allsofa pillow cases, and use the Align Center Tool to center the design, and then select the Outline Too. I used the Jumbo Hoop for Foot #26.

4 –; Offset = 10mm, Outline Count = 6, select/check Outline Holes, and select Triple Stitch. Play with what works for your block and design. Switch to Design View by pressing the letter T on your keyboard, and select the outer lines by holding the Shift key, and Delete.

5 –; The outer satin border can be deleted –; or converted to a Triple Stitch. Your design is ready to sew!

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