sofa pillow cases Abbotson in Colour accent pillow case baby

2020-01-17 07:13:40 custom gift for housewarming

Linen is the perfect seasonal update heading into spring, and Abbotson is now available in 10 colours! We’re not the only ones loving Abbotsonsofa pillow cases, check out the influencers who can’t get enough of pistachio and tangelo.


burlap pillow cover diy






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A very odd discussion about what various pets like to sit on eventually led to the creation of this: the roadkill dog pillow. Because what puppy doesn't like playing with dead animals?

Including a hotel style en-suite bathroom in the design of your new bedroom may seem like an appealing option. The luxury of having your own personal pampering area within the confines of the bedroom does sound like the epitome of home luxury. Often however the idea is better than the actuality as en-suites are often cramped and unusable due to a poor layout. If you are thinking of building your own en-suite, adhering to just a few simple guidelines will see to it that you avoid such needles but expensive mistakes and ensure your en-suite is a complete success.

I hope that you’re enjoying sewing along with the Quilt?Block of the Month Series here on the Polka Dot Chair Blog. ?I know that many of you are new or somewhat new to quilting and thought that I’d take some time and write up some Quilt Block Construction Tips. ?These are just little things that I have found that help me when I’m quilting to stay organized and create more accurate blocks. ?You can CLICK HERE for an index of all of the posts in the Block of the Month Series.