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With the weather as cold as it has been it’;s hard for me to believe that we are only a few short weeks away from the 1st Saturday in May and with it the running of the Kentucky Derby. Over the years we’;ve thrown quite a few Derby parties. Ours are always low key and family friendly. I thought I’;d take a minute and share with you some of my favorite Kentucky Derby Party Ideas, many of them are ideas that I’;ve shared over the years and few are from other blogs.

Not sure if I’;m throwing a Kentucky Derby Party this year, but I do LOVE the Derby. I mean I designed TWO lines of fabric that were inspired by it! Whatever your plans are or whatever part of the world you are in I hope you find these Kentucky Derby Party Ideas fun and helpful for you!

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1- Start your party off right with these Derby Party Printable Invitations! Grab them HERE.

It’;s all about the foodsofa pillow cases, isn’;t it? Here are a few ideas of some delicious desserts and appetizers to serve at your Derby Party.

2- Bake your own Derby Pie Cupcakes with this Recipe

3- Add a bit of extra fun to your Derby Pie with this fun idea?from the Polo House

4–; For something a little different serve this fun Derby Pie Milkshake

5- These Bite-Sized?Hot Brown Bites are a Louisville tradition, and being bite-sized are super easy to serve at a party.

Dress up your home with a bit of Derby Inspired decor! These are free printables and easy craft projects to make your Derby Party Sparkle!

6–; Print &; Hang out a Run for the Roses Banner

7- Create some Paper Prize Ribbon Rosettes for Derby Party Decorations

8- Decorate your balloons with horseshoes for good luck!

9- Customize your Plates with these fun Derby Printables

10- Add a fun DIY Paper Bow tie to your glasses -Whether you’;re serving soda pop or something more “;grown-up”; your glasses will be extra dapper with the addition of these bow ties.

11- Then pop a fun Derby Hat Drink Stirrer into the glass! via Pizzazerie

Even if you’;re not holding a Derby Party you can still dress up your home for the occasion. Here are some fun decorating ideas for your home.

12-Add a fun pop to your Home Decor with these Kentucky Derby DIY Burlap Pillow Wraps

13-Create a Derby Wreath

14-Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath

15-If you love to Quilt, Stitch up this fun Jockey Silks Table Runner

16- This Roses Horseshoe?Wreath is Adorable

17- Stitch up some Pillows with this fun Derby Fabric!

18- Hang some fun Derby Subway Art with these Printables

19- You can’;t beat a trophy for fun Decor!? Idea from Better Homes &; Gardens

20-Have a blast at your party with this Kentucky Derby Trivia Sheet

21-Draw Horses from a hat and give out fun prizes to the winners! This idea is particularly fun if you’;re with a bunch of kids –; you can’;t beat these Kentucky Fried Chicken themed gift boxes! How fun would this be for prizes?

22 Create a Fun Photo Backdrop for your Party with paper roses!

23- Dress the Part in this fun T-Shirt from Draper James

24- Tote this fun Hold Your?Horses Clutch with you!

25-Or Stitch up your own Derby Inspired Clutch

26- Create fun Party Favors for Kids by making these Horse Necklaces

27- Create a personalized hat with this tutorial!

28- This DIY Fascinator made from Tissue Paper is fun and easy on the budget- so perfect for a party where you don’;t want to spend a lot of money on a hat!

29- Let kids decorate their?own Derby Hats with this fun Kids Derby Hat Tutorial

30- Stitch up a Fancy New Bow Tie

If you’;re visiting Louisville for the Derby check out Lou What Wear for answers to many of your FAQ’;s

Remember that Hot Mess Sweatshirt Dress we shared with you mamas? P.S. I’ve been living in mine. Well, right after Anna was working away on making that, she decided to make one for kids too. This one however, only requires one sweatshirt and takes less than an hour to make.If you have another sweatshirt on hand, learn How to Sew a Kimono Cardigan from an Old Sweatshirt. Decorate them with a studded heart or a French Pouf made from a T-shirt.

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