bed pillow covers folded paper chopstick rest geometric cushion covers

2019-09-09 03:03:08 custom gift for housewarming

photo: anthony giglio

From Anthony Giglio: “;Was in Atlantic City this weekend having dinner at Buddakhan. They gave us chopsticks but nowhere to rest them! Then I saw my friend had used the paper wrapper to make an improv one. Thought of you. Not earth shattering…; but fun.”;?

french linen pillow covers

We have a friend who makes elaborately folded origami-like chopstick rests that we can never duplicate and find ourselves improvising strangely shaped ones that more often than not don’;t work very well. ?We like this simple A-frame. Fold the paper in thirds crosswise, then in half lengthwise to make a V.

We also love the wonderful picture made by some cool phone app…;just like that…;in the moment, sitting in a restaurant…;

Thanksbed pillow covers, Anthony!! (wherever you are)

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