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We were thrilled to get such a resounding and?thoughtful response to our?contest asking for solutions to keep our bed from vibrating, that is, to dampen the mysterious vibration coming through the floor. A number of readers suggested suspending the bed, which we WISH we could do. But as with any creative problembed pillow covers, we have some serious constraints to deal with.

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The thinking behind suspending the bed from the ceiling is so that no vibration could travel up from the floor, the problem with the bed, above. As we saw with Holton Rower’;s plywood and wire shock absorbers, even just touching the wire sent a vibration through the bed.

Holton Rower

The difficulty with hanging the bed from the ceiling is that our ceiling is sheetrock, placed on flimsy aluminum studs. We’;d have to figure a way to make a sturdy hanger that won’;t collapse the walls (If any one has ideas about this LET US KNOW)…;

We could hang a bed IF we took down the ceiling sheetrock and anchored something in the concrete slab of the roof 19 inches above. But as far as we know, there might be a danger of cracking the slab if we didn’;t know what we were doing. THEN we’;d have lower then hanging mechanism below the sheetrock ceiling and replace it because it provides much-needed insulation for our top-floor space. In winter, it keeps in heat; in summer, it keeps our AC bills to a minimum.

We’;ll publish our latest iterations soon, which include testing out a makeshift beanbag pellet bed and a new material called Sorbothane. ?A detailed correspondence with an engineer in Wisconsin is yielding a trove of ideas. Stay-tuned.

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