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If you are looking for easy, affordable and versatile means of redecorating your home, then cushions can do that for you. A humble homeware accessory, it has the potential to breathe life into any room of your home. They can uplift a basic couch, make an accent chair feminine and a bed more inviting. Custom cushion covers definitely add more depth, texture, and colour in a room. All you need to do it toss a few of them in keeping with the trends of your home dé;cor and voila, you have a warmbed pillow covers, colourful and vibrant space. But, before you start shopping for cushions, you need to ensure that you pick the right one for your space for which you need to consider the following.

1. The Cushion Colour: When you start looking for cushions, first analyze the room colours, which are already a part of the dé;cor. Review the colours of your furniture, dé;cor pieces, rugs, and curtains, and ensure that the cushion covers are of the same colour family. Otherwise, it may appear that everything in the room is fighting for attention. So, going for a colour coordinated look will be a good decision as it will help to tie the room.

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2. The Number of Cushions: Ideally, the number of cushions you add completely depends on your preference and style. But, if we go with the trend, in a modern space you can opt for the odd number of cushion fillers and in a traditional one stick to an even number. Another approach can be on a five-seater sofa, opt for three cushions and on a four-seater go for two.

3. The Cushion Fabric: Choosing the cushion fabric wisely is essential as it will add to the appearance factor and define the longevity. If you are looking for adding texture to the room through cushion cover design, then opt for them in linen, jacquard, and velvet. But, if you want them to also grace your home for a longer time, then opt for polyester and cotton make. These will also be easy to maintain.

4. The Size &; Shape of Cushion: If you want to create a visual interest in the room through cushion covers, then go for a mix of different sizes and shapes. Yes, blend it right to achieve the look you desire. A bigger cushion will do justice to a bigger couch and bed, and a small one will look neat on a small and delicate couch.

5. The Cushion Use: A versatile piece of accessory, you can use cushions on every furniture and enhance its appearance. Place them in front of the pillows in your room, scatter them on the rug and put them on the couch, just as you fancy. If you wish to give that lounging effect, then add them to the chair or bar stool. When we say versatile we truly mean it as you can rotate these sofa pillow covers and enjoy a fresh new look.

Consider the above tips when you decide to buy cushion covers for your home. These will help you to give a feel of a coordinated and well-designed space. Cushions are a great way of sprucing up any space and adding personality to it. Bring them with a thought process and see how they uplift the room’s look and feel. Moreover, colourful and vibrant, they always make a space more comfortable and cosy. You can give such a warm ambience to your room dé;cor with cushion fillers and covers from Deco Window. There are cushions in traditional and eclectic prints and colours, which can instantly make your room bright and beautiful. In addition, there are varying floral designer cushion covers in pastel colours, which can make your space soothing and calm. Check the complete range here and give your home a colourful, cosy and comfortable makeover.

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