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Wooden blinds have been used as window dressings for many years. Originally used in colonial styled house to keep rooms cool, reduce the number of flying insects entering homes and offer privacy from the prying eyes of workers and passers by! These types of blinds were typically painted green to blend with their natural surroundings or white to compliment the shutter-board houses and window casements.

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Today wooden blinds have become an integral part of interior design not only as an effective window dressing but also due to their natural colouring and unique graining which are used to crate a warm and inviting atmosphere with people's home.

In principle there are two types of wooden Venetian blinds, those made from soft woods such as pine and those made from hard-woods such as oakbed pillow covers, cherry and ebony. The term wooden blinds is also historically confined to Venetian blinds made from wood, however with modern technologies it is now possible to use wood to make both roller and Roman blinds. These are made from the soft woods, wood-weave or bamboo.

Interior designers suggest that if you are unsure of which colour to use as your window treatment opt for pale or light coloured cheap wooden blinds because they blend effortlessly with any interior colour scheme and décor!

Of course traditional wooden blinds are Venetian in style which offers you practicality, flexibility and complete control over the amount of light entering your rooms. Looking equally as elegant when used as the sole window dressing or used in conjunction with ready made curtains, wooden blinds are a cost effective solution to dressing windows throughout your home.

The latest designs included wooden blinds which have been coated using polyurethane to reduce dust build-up, along with special finishes making them suitable to use in humid atmospheres such as kitchens and bathrooms. Many also have special coatings which help reduce fading from sunlight when used at south facing windows or in conservatories.

Many people opt for wooden blinds because they are a very cost effective way to add chic styling to your home. The fading which occurs naturally over the years adds to their unique and distinctive appearance.

Wood blinds are the ideal accompaniment to coordinate or contrast with dining room furniture and a great way to use natural materials within your home. If you should ever tire of their colour it is possible to paint them to suit your décor!

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