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Have you pulled out the silk spring flowers in preparation for the warm weather and sunny days and silk flower arrangements are in dire need of a makeover? ?If they have spent a lot of time on the front door or outside, the flowers are probably faded and could use a makeover and Tattered Angels Mists are the solution. ?Did you know they will mist on any fabric, like the fabric in silk flowers and transform them to look like new, in fact they actually look better depending on the time you spend and the colors added, you can make the flowers look almost real.

This flower used to be a vibrant orange colorbed pillow covers, but a few years out in the sun turned it into a faded color of orange that made the entire arrangement look worn out.

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You might find that not all the flowers need a makeover, simply cover the others up with newspaper or paper towels to protect them from the overspray and do one flower or section at a time. ?The key is doing each flower or leaf individually in a realistic color that is similar to the color they once were. ?Feel free to experiment too, who said you must do it this way, but for a makeover that is the goal of this post.

Tattered Angels has a full spectrum of mist colors under 4 different mists –; Glimmer Mist GM (translucent pigment mist with a bit of mica), Simply Sheer SS (translucent pigment mist without any mica or glimmer), Chalkboard Mist CB (semi-opaque pigment mist with a touch of mica) and Baseboard Mist BB (semi-opaque with zero mica or glimmer.) ?While they all perform very similarly, the subtle differences are important to know when choosing the right mist for your project. ?Do you want to add a little glimmer or do you want the flowers to turn our more realistic and true to color. ?No right or wrong just good to figure out what you think the outcome should be so you choose the right mists for you.

This spring arrangement beckoned for natural colors without the glimmer and the transformation was pretty spectacular. ?Finding the right orange was easy with so many to choose from –; Tattered Angels Orange Paints?and Yellow Paints. ?You can also use more than one from each color family to add more dimension to your flowers or leaves.

In this case only the bright orange gerber daisies needed a makeover, so it was quick and easy and the twin arrangements were ready to welcome Spring in.

If your leaves or other flowers need to be updated, you will find the entire spectrum of colors in a mist form –; Tattered Angels Paint. ?You can also print out these helpful catalog pages that feature each of the Mist Paints Catalog –; Glimmer Mist GM, Simply Sheer Mist SS, Chalkboard Mist CB and Baseboard Mist BB –; don’;t forget to look for the symbols to know the exact mist you are choosing. ?If you have non-fabric areas that need a little help you can count on Tattered Angels High Impact Paint as a great option to cover up a damaged container or accent piece.

With this great idea you can update any silk flowers. ?This is a perfect solution when you are making arrangements for a special event, wedding or baby shower when having the right hue of flowers makes a difference, start with white or ivory flowers and transform them to just the right color. ?The more you mist, the deeper the color, so experiment a bit to get just the right look. ?The mists also work well on live flowers when a bit of glimmer adds just the right touch, choose a clear with mica or choose a pigment color that brings together your color palette. ?The paint is water based and will not harm flowers or change their structure, but it is always good to test it first just to be sure.

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Happy Spring creating!!!

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