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Giving the gift of something handmade is pretty special whether you make it yourself or buy something ?handmade, they both ?have a special meaning. ?We have nothing against store bought gifts, how can webed pillow covers, that is where diamonds rings come from right. ?Well actually, they are pretty much handmade too, one ring at a time. ?

With more and more online shops opening everyday,?there are so many wonderful options to find unique items, many online shops will personalize the items for you, allowing you to?truly have a?one of a kind gift. ?Choose ready made items like?jewelry?and art or printable art that you can buy?and make a gift or give a collection to someone who loves to make their own items. ?

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We thought it would be fun to share a few handed items we spied online for this season.

A. ShyCraftGirl –; trendy Christmas Cards

B. ByGodsGraceCards –; Customized Mother’;s Necklace

C. ByGodsGraceCards –; Vintage Wine Cork

D. ArtByChinue –; ‘;What Now?’; Doggie T-shirt

E.KatieZGPaperworks –; Venetian Mask Mixed Media

F. ?Taylormadecards4u?–; Handmade Christmas Cards

G. Ephpop –; Junk Journal

H. PaperCaliope –; Printable Images

I. CraftyDayDreams –; Journal Notebook?

We wish you the very best and the lots of fun checking off your shopping list this season and we hope that you consider adding a little something handmade by you or by someone with a clever, creative project online.

Happy Christmas Shopping!!!

I now define my life as pre–YnM blanket and post–YnM blanket. Pre-YnM, it took me what felt like forever to fall asleep. And I didn’t just have trouble falling asleep, I couldn’t stay asleep either. Even if I had the time to get a full eight hours in (which was rare), I’d still wake up around the five-hour mark — and always stayed awake once I did. My post-YnM sleep life, though, is very different.

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