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2020-02-27 11:37:12 custom gift for housewarming

This post about Setting the Table was posted years ago. Sibylle from Funky Time no longer has a website, so these are no longer available from her. I am choosing to keep this post live for pure inspiration. I do however have a free download for a Halloween version of this Cutlery Pouch she designed. See the Halloween Cutlery Pouch here.?

Setting the table doesn’;t have to be fussy.? You can create a fun table with these free printable cutlery pouches.? Sibylle from Funky Time has done it again.? I can’;t tell you how grateful to have her in my camp to offer the TCB readers a new printable each month!? She is crazy talented. I love her Valentine romantic printables for cute little toothpick flags and tea bag tags. She also designs blogs too.?

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These free printables are perfect for parties indoors or out and will keep all the silverware organized in a stylish and festive way.? (just thinking ahead…;…;..wouldn’;t these be great for a graduation party?)

I love the plastic silverware she’;s using, but I thought these turquoise plastic cutlery I found would look super cute too.? Ooooohbed pillow covers, or red ones.

Kinda fun huh?? Even I could sew these up, but if you don’;t sew, I’;m sure a little glue would work just as nicely.? Or staples…;…;.they have colored staples now too.? Just use your imagination to make them work for you.

For more fun ideas and printables, head on over to Funky Time.

Thank you Sibylle!

Quickly I just have to say that this is my first DIY post since rebranding to Kaleidoscope Living, and I am sooooo friggin' excited. If you missed the big announcement or are curious about the who, what and when of changes to come with the rebrand, just click here to learn all about it.

While the classic color combination of black and white—a tried and true formula—never really goes out of style, the daring duo is de rigueur these days. Decorating in black and white in any setting, from living room to dining room to bedroom or even a staircase, makes a deliciously bold statement that is always sophisticated and never, ever dull. If you find yourself drawn to this high-impact look, try some of our tips below.

Every effort, no matter how small helps when reducing waste in order to make a positive impact on the environment.? We received all kinds of great tips for our “keeping it green” contest, from cloth diapers to community swaps to reusing containers and boxes. We love learning new ways to be eco-friendly as well as sharing these great tips. Thank you to everyone for submitting your tips on being eco-friendly while raising a family.