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Art Deco changed the entire look of peoples homes as mass production made it affordable for most to adopt the deco style. Overseas travel became increasingly popular, especially safaris which were all the rage and people returned with animal skins, mother of pearlbed pillow covers, ivory and tortoiseshell to adorn their homes. After the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes were seen as trendy accessories along with being depicted on everything! The walls: Walls were creams, greens and beige, with oyster and eau-de-nil suit seen in living rooms and bedrooms.

Black and white colour schemes are ideal for contemporary interiors. This modern trendy look can create a magical Christmas look to your home which complements your existing monochromatic interior design style. The easiest way achieve this look is to have the latest black artificial Christmas tree! These can be dressed with beautiful white baubles and ornaments which glisten and sparkle! The in-trend is to have quite a small tree with very subtle decorations.

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