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This cliché is used at the start of every new year! As we say goodbye to the 'noughties' and enter a new decade the world of interior design is as innovative and inspirational as ever! There are some 2009 interior design trends which many be be glad to see the back of and the emphasis for 2010 is to create homes which reflect the times and people's budgets whilst embracing the current and emerging trends in a realistic manner.

Look out for these 2010 design trends in magazines, interior design blogs and in both the high street and online retailers, before you start planning redecoration and home improvements. If you want to create a vintage style you should be looking at distressed leather sofas, such as Chesterfieldsbed pillow covers, combined with bright floral curtains and duvet sets, add finishing touches such as antique lamps and antique brass curtain poles will bring the Vintage look together.

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The floral fabrics are ideal for coordinating with either a plain or colourful backdrop for a real eclectic look. If bright colours aren't your style then opt for sugar pastel shades and add feminine touches such as collections of ceramic trinket or pill boxes. Add further feminine touches by way of bird and butterfly motifs, sheer voile curtains used in conjunction with contrasting cheap roller blinds and decorative pieces to bring a charming fairytale look. In 2010 colour is the key factor in achieving stunning interiors, get rid of dull tones and embrace colour head on with graphite greys teamed with zesty lime or lemon, purple and lilacs teamed with yellow for a totally fresh and invigorating look.

Rich earthy tones are also forecast to big this year, with interiors reflecting all things natural, using eco-friendly materials and products. Sofas are also brightly coloured, think along the lines of red, green or yellow and pile them high with neutral cushions which have fine detailing and different textures. Use these earthy tones for rugs laid onto stripped natural floorboards, to bring the style together and provide a sense of balance and cohesion to your rooms.

As the recession continues interior designs are focusing on value for money, durability and versatility. Mix and match is back in a big way with the trend seen in 2009 for using old sitting next to new remaining in-vogue in 2010. This years designs focus on comfort using a variety of materials and fabrics in every room within your home. Some exciting design trends are already making their presence felt as people begin the new year with a new found hope and determination.

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