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Wow! I can’t believe that we are nearing the end of our blocks. We have two more blocks, but this will be the last pieced block in the BERNINA Block Party series. And it is a large block that finishes at 24″; x 24″;. Not difficult if you take it a step at a time. We will do the center of this block first which is a simple star. We will then piece the purple and gray, and those pieces will become the parts for the outer star. So the Odd Fellow’s Chain block is essentially a star within a star.

If you are buying fabric for each block on a monthly basis, you will need four fabrics for this block; a pink, a greenbed pillow covers, a purple and the gray background fabric.

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Please see more details about fabric requirements?here. You will follow the?Alternate Cutting Instructions?below if you are cutting from a kit.

Please also download the?BERNINA Block Party Fabric Chart.

If you are using the?Sun Print 2017?Andover fabric line by?Alison Glass, the specific colors are listed in bold:?


Fabric A????? Pink?????? A-8482-E?????? 1/8 Yard

Fabric B????? Green??? A8483-V

Fabric C????? Purple?? A-8482-B?????? 1/8 Yard

Fabric D????? Gray?????? A-C-Black????? ? Yard

Patchwork Foot #37/37D or #57/57D or #97/97D for piecing

Straight Stitch Needle Plate for piecing on domestic machine

Machine Needles

Thread to match fabrics

Fabric A Pink

4 Squares 3 7/8″;; cut in half diagonally making 8 triangles

Fabric B Green

4 Squares 6 7/8″;; cut in half diagonally making 8 triangles

Fabric C Purple

8 Squares 3 7/8″;; cut in half diagonally making 16 triangles

Fabric D Gray

12 Squares 3 ?”;

8 Squares 3 7/8″;; cut in half diagonally making 16 triangles

3 Squares 7 ?”;; cut in quarters diagonally making 12 triangles

1 Square 6 ?”;

Fabric A:

Cut three 7/8” square blocks from the pink 20” strip left over from Block 10.

Fabric B:

Cut six 7/8” blocks from green fabric left over from Block 9.

Fabric C:

Cut a strip 3 7/8” from Fabric C. Cut 8 squares.

Fabric D:

Cut a strip 3 1/2” from fabric D; cut 12 squares

Cut a strip 3 7/8” from fabric D; cut 8 squares

Cut 3-7 1/4” squares from remaining gray strip from Block 9

Cut 1-6 1/2” square from previous gray strip?

We will piece the center star for this block first. Stitch together a pink Fabric A triangle on each side of a large gray Fabric D triangle.

Make 4 of these units.

Center this unit between two small Fabric D gray squares. Make two of these units.

Center the Fabric D 6 ?” square in between the two remaining units from the first step. Make 1 unit.

Piece together these three units to create the center star.

Set aside this block while constructing the pieces for the outer star.

Stitch together 8 fabric C and Fabric D triangles for a total of 8 half square triangle (HST) units.

Set these HST units aside.

Stitch 2 Fabric C triangles to a large Fabric D triangle. Make 4 units.

Stitch a small Fabric D triangle to each end of the previous unit. And then stitch a large Fabric D triangle to the bottom of the unit forming a larger pieced triangle.

When piecing the larger triangle on be sure to center it. Fold the triangle in half and mark the halfway mark. Match the halfway mark to the bottom of the smaller triangle.

Construct 4 units.

Stitch the Fabric B triangles to each side of the previous units. Make four of this rectangular unit; set aside.

Now you will construct the cornerstone blocks. To do this stitch together 2 HST that were set aside earlier and two 3 ?” Fabric D squares as shown. Make 4 units.

Stitch a cornerstone unit to each end of two previously pieced rectangular units.

Stitch the 2 remaining pieced rectangular units to opposite sides of the previously constructed center square.

You now have 3 pieced units that become the 3 rows that make up the block. Stitch these 3 rows together for the Odd Fellow’s Chain.

If you are going to make the entire quilt from the Block of the Month Series, set this large block aside for now. The instructions for piecing together all the blocks will come at the end of the series. Just one more block after this one!

Each month, I have given you instructions for different quilting techniques. If you have been quilting each block individually, this month use the quilting of your choice. We have explored free motion, ruler work, embroidery and automated quilting. Choose the technique that you have enjoyed the most or have been the most successful with.

Remember to join Denise Jones later this month for the project she has created with the Odd Fellow’s Chain.

Block 1, Antique Mosaic Block

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Block 3, Square in a Square Block

Block 4, Magic Circle

Block 5, Card Basket Variation Block

Block 6, Ohio Star Variation Block

Block 7, Maple Star Block

Block 8, Grecian Square Block

Block 9, Union Square Block

Block 10,? A Girl’s Favorite

Block 11,?Odd Fellow’;s Chain Quilt Block

Quickly I just have to say that this is my first DIY post since rebranding to Kaleidoscope Living, and I am sooooo friggin' excited. If you missed the big announcement or are curious about the who, what and when of changes to come with the rebrand, just click here to learn all about it.

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