bed pillow covers My Holy Trinity of Warm-Weather Dresses Are All $33 at Target meaningful gifts for mom

2019-08-30 05:03:12 custom gift for housewarming

On my usual run to pick up ponytail holders and clothes hangers, there it was: a rack of simple midi-length, high-waisted dresses in stripesbed pillow covers, a solid black, and black polka dots, all part of a capsule by Who What Wear. I thought I was witnessing a retail mirage. (There was also a fourth dress that I absolutely adored in polka dots that’s almost all sold out, but which you should definitely buy if you are an XS.) Somehow, they were even better once I tried them on. The midi length made me look taller; the high waist was slimming. I looked at the tags. Most of dresses were at Target BuyWomen’s Long Sleeve Rib Midi Dress

My personal favorite. The stripes change just below the waist to accent your shape, and it comes in solid black, too.

Like an Assembly New York dress that costs ten times less.

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Tell me this isn’t a dead-ringer for the dress Mastronardi wears to the “Chef Jeff” cocktail party.

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