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With more and more people finding it difficult to get onto the housing property ladder, renting has hit an all time high in many areas of the UK. There's nothing wrong with renting a house or a flat but when in comes down to interior design, colour scheme etc. it's in the lap of the Gods as to what you may get included in your rent. While landlords are giving some properties makeovers they also command high rentsbed pillow covers, as such those on more modest incomes are having to fight the up-hill battle of finding somewhere fit to live even if the place hasn't been refurbished or up-dated.

We start our interior design ideas by focusing on windows and their dressings as this appears to be the downfall in many rented homes. Old-fashioned and grubby looking curtains can easily be replaced with cheap curtains in bright colours and patterns. Remember to store the landlord's curtains in a safe place so that they can be hung back-up when you vacate. This one simple aspect can really transform the look and feel of a room. You should also consider the thickness and weight of new curtains.

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Old homes without double glazing can be extremely draughty and cold – which means you'll also be spending a fortune on heating. Use heavy weight curtains, add a thermal lining or opt for blackout curtains which have a built-in blackout and thermal linings. If the radiator is situated under the window you need to ensure that your not trapping the heat behind the curtains when they are pulled closed– there's no point in heating the window sill! Use a combination of thermal blinds and thermally lined curtains to help retain precious warmth.

Alternatively you can choose curtains which sit neatly on top of the window sill or those which can be tucked behind the top part of the radiator safely. Full length curtains are ideal for small rooms as they'll elongate the window making it look taller and larger. If you don't like blinds or more importantly are restricted or prevented from making any holes in walls to hang them, then replacing the landlord's curtains (don't forget to keep them safely stored) with a fresh new pair can still transform the look of the rooms. Look for the latest design, styles and colours to give an instant pick-me-up to your new home and your morale!

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Happy Fall, y'all! If you have followed me for a while, you know that I love, love, love FALL! It's my favorite season, so I just cannot resist tackling some DIY home decor projects for fall and decorating a bit. I actually finished my fall decorating about a week ago, but I just finally had a chance to take photos this past weekend. So, without further adieu, let's take a tour, shall we? I have included some affiliate links for your convenience {since I know you will want to know where I found some of my decor items–the complete source list can be found at the end of this post}. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.