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Doesn’;t it always seem the moment fall arrives your schedule is suddenly jam-packed? From festivals to football games and school social events, it’;s hard to find the time to focus on the home. Some years it feels as if the moment you finally decorate for fall, it’;s time to take it all down in place of red and green.

Enter the pinecone garland. The beauty of this easy DIY decoration is you can put it up now and keep it up through the holidays and well into the New Year. It adds all the natural warmth and texture of the season and is festive enough for the holidays. Andbed pillow covers, if you want a little “;extra”; in December, you can always tuck in some greenery, hypericum berries and even flowers. But we think it’;s beautiful just the way it is.

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Pinecones – found at your local florist supply or craft store (we used about 80 for a 6-foot garland)

Heavy Twine or Moss Covered Wire – found at your local craft store

Scissors or Wire Cutters

Step 1: Measure out the length you want the garland to be with either twine or moss covered wire. Secure the ends.

Step 2: Cut about 6 to 8 inch lengths of wire and wind each piece around the top row of each pinecone so that it’;s hidden by the ridges.

Step 3: Take at least three pinecones or more, depending on the how thick you want the garland, and form a bunch by twisting their wires together.

Step 4: Attach each bunch of pinecones to the garland by twisting the wire onto the twine, one after another, until the entire length of the garland is filled. Trim any excess and tie a knot or loop for hanging at each end.

Step 5: (Optional) Secure the pinecone garland to the shape you want by using a glue gun to attach the cones to each other.

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