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2019-09-09 06:32:54 custom gift for housewarming

This is what I was stitching last night. Think it was just a leisurely night in, doing some embroidery? Oh no, this was a...leisurely night of work (embroidery is work for me, but it's a labor of love). In about a week, I'll go tape an episode of Sew It All for PBS!

What am I making? Wellbed pillow covers, it's a sewing show, and I don't sew. My wonderful friend, and author, Christine Haynes sewed up some linen tops in several different colors for me, and I'll be embroidering on them with different designs, methods and ideas. (The sewing pattern for the top will be available on their website when the episode airs, and so will a design I'm doing just for the show!)

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So, as I'm working last night, I thought Fantasy Flowers would look sweet on the green linen top. Then, I started thinking the open petals looked a little funny with all that green showing through. So, I worked them in a radiating, open satin stitch, instead of a solid one. I really like the way it's turning out! Very folksy-looking. Very textural. do realize that we have come full circle here: It's the 70's again people! But, okay. I like it, too. The texture is so appealing! I thought you'd like to see a detail so you won't have to smush your face up against the TV screen.

I don't yet know when the episode will air, so be sure to check here or on my Facebook Page for updates. If you don't get Sew It All, contact your local PBS station and request that they carry it! Now, I hafta get back to stitching...

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