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Caitlin Van Horn of Roost via

When our friend Karrolyn Belkis needed room to sort through some clippings, she used her stored-away ironing board as an adjustable height surface.

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Sally Schneider

In India, Peggy Markel delighted in her friend Rajiv Jani’;s “;permanent press‘;, an ironing board that, for MANY practical reasonsbed pillow covers, he transformed into a low desk at which he could sit cross-legged (Indian style).

Peggy Markel

Then at Design Sponge, ?we saw the vintage ironing Board Caitlin Van Horn of?Roost?used as a side table/shelf, at top, and this clever sofa table.

They got us thinking that ironing boards, with their adjustable height stands and ability to fold away into a closet, are really an ideal dual-purpose surface. And then we started remembering beautiful vintage ironing boards we’;d seen.


There are many to be found at flea markets, second-hand stores and Ebay. Some beauties are all wood, like the one at top, which can be cleaned up, refinished or painted. When not needed it folds away, to store in a closet or under the sofa.


Our favorite vintage ironing boards?have almost sculptural lines…;


They can be practical surface or stylish display…;

We love this vintage beauty with a green steel base (spotted on Ebay)…;


…;looking ‘;under the hood, we see that the base can easily be unscrewed and applied to another size and shape of wood surface…;


There are many possibilities for this wonderful morphing, storable table. We found a whole Pinterest devoted to uses for vintage ironing boards…; a one-stop shop for all your classroom supplies. They carry over 1 million products and shipping is always free. Look for new special offers every month at?

Something you don't know, that you couldn't know because I've never posted about it, is how heavily Carrie Fisher figured into my embroidery work. She was an enthusiastic?supporter and patron at a time when I needed it the most.

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