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Wow y'all…; This is kind of embarrassing. We made these DIY pipe shelves almost 2 years ago for our dining room and I am just now getting around to posting the tutorial. Sorry about that (I'm hanging my head in shame). But, sooooo many of you have asked about the DIY pipe shelves tutorial is finally here. Better late than never, right?

The good news is that I can report that we still LOVE our DIY pipe shelves and they are holding up perfectly. This is truly one of the easiest industrial shelving projects out there and the hardest part about it is cutting your wood to length (but rest assured the friendly folks at your home improvement store will generally do that for you). Otherwise, the installation could not be more simple. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.And because I know some of you will ask, we got that awesome scrap iron Cheers sign here :) You can also find a full source list for the other items in the room (including the other DIY projects) at the end of this post.

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1) Cut your pine boards to the length you want your shelves to be and stain them.

2) Assemble your “;brackets.”; To do this, screwone end of each steel nipple into a floor flange on one end and into an end cap on the other end. These will form the brackets for your shelves, so you need at least two completely assembled brackets per shelf (you may need additional support if you plan for shelves longer than 4 feet or so).

3) Attach your assembled brackets to your wall by screwing an appropriate screw/fastener directly through the holes on your floor flanges. You will want to be sure to select a screw with a large enough head to fill the hole and firmly hold the floor flange in place.

4) Place your wood boards on top of your brackets and use 3/4 inch steel two hole pipe straps to secure your shelves to the brackets. We used two straps PER bracket (one on the front and one in the back, for a total for 4 per shelf). This serves TWO purposes: 1) it's a bit safer in a house with kids since they won't be able to accidentally pull a shelf down on themselves and 2) pine boards are inexpensive and imperfect, so the brackets help correct any warping.

That's it! So, so simple. And the impact in our dining room is HUGE! I added one of these simple wine glass holders (that I spray painted black) beneath one of the shelves since we use ours as a bar area.

Check out the finished DIY pipe shelves in our dining room. We LOVE them!

Wall paint:Opal White by Clark Kensington, eggshell finish.

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