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Creating a personalised cover for a handmade notebook, journal or book is so easy with the variety of designs that Canvas Corp offers on its? papers collection. From stripes and repetitive patterns on various colors to themed papers, there is always something to find to match your project and style. Just visit the shop and select yours and decorate it further with your favorite paints from Tattered Angels.

“Adding color to one of my favorite papers without just filling with paint the designs on the papers was my initial target. Dividing the paper with lines and creating another layer on it was like distressing the designs and creating a stained glass effect”. –; as Kyriakos says.

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Tattered Angels –; Baseboard Mist Paint –; Gerberbed pillow covers,?SunburstTattered Angels –; Glimmer Mist –; Emerald Green,?Mardi Gras,?AppleTattered Angels –; Stained Glass Paint –; OliveCanvas Corp –; Black &; Ivory ParisClear Creative mediumBlack markerBinding machine and wiresBookboard,?White pagesAluminium sheetEiffel tower dieBlack cardstock

Step 1 –; Cut two pieces of bookboard in dimensions 5x6in. Cover them with the Black and Ivory Paris paper to create the cover for your notebook.

Step 2 –; Using black marker and a ruler, draw lines on the covers, dividing the design into various sections.

Step 3 –; Color them with your chosen Tattered Angels paints.

Step 4 –; Use clear acrylic medium to cover the paper in order to secure and protect the colors.

Step 5 –; Embellish with Paris related die cuts made of an aluminium sheet and paper cuttings.

Step 6 –; Use your book binding machine to make holes in the covers and blank pages and set them up on a binding wire.

Transform completely the look of Canvas Corp paper by adding some colors from Tattered Angels to create a cover that represents your style or be a part of a theme or just decorate your next journal cover and take it on a trip with you to keep your memories in. Whatever you’;re planning to make, there is certainly a Canvas Corp definitely have a?paper for youf.

For more of Kyriakos’; work visit The Crafts World or his Instagram.

Happy crafting!

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