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Many people, when they think of interior design, think of over-the-top restructuring and remodelling that requires the work of a professional. However, this isn't the case. It is possible to change the design of any room in your home by simply trying out new colours, different soft furnishings and by alternating furniture placement. If your bedroom is crying out for a little TLCbed pillow covers, you can completely revamp it with very little time and expense involved. Before you start you will need to decide on how you want your bedroom to look and whether you are changing the colour scheme. Ideally, bedroom colours should be subtle, relaxing and soft rather than brash however, you can still choose bold colour and tone it down with complementary colours.

One colour scheme that has exploded back in to fashion and is very easy to achieve, is monochrome. With this you can opt for traditional black and white or if you are feeling stylish, you can add in different hues of grey as well. White walls not only look clean, they add space and light to a room making it the perfect colour for a bedroom. You don't want to use the darker colours, such as grey or black, on your walls as this will give the room a dull, depressive atmosphere. Instead, save these colours for your soft furnishings, duvet cover sets and accessories. If you have art prints or photographs you want to display on your walls, purchase black frames for them. These will really make them stand out against the white of the walls.

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Black or dark grey super king bedding will be perfectly complemented with a metallic light grey bed throw. White pillows on the top of your bed will finish off the look perfectly. Light fittings with shades will enable you to incorporate your lighting into your bedroom's colour scheme. White or grey shades will enable light to shine through much better than black. You don't even have to worry about your existing furniture blending in with your bedroom's new look. While a bright pink sofa or chair will look strangely out of place in a monochrome room, this is easily resolved using throws and pillows.

You can also consider painting any furniture that doesn't quite match with the rest of your room. If you already have white, black or grey furniture, you can update the look by adding new handles in a contrasting colour. Transfers or stencils also look good on furniture. For example, a black fleur-de-lis stencilled onto a white wardrobe door will give the whole room a stylish, dramatic look. Cheap rugs in white or black is a great way to ground your colour scheme.

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