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A 1940s Hawke’;s Bay cottage was the perfect canvas to showcase its creative owner’;s love of all things floral, vintage and artistic

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Laura Jeffares (floral and hair artisan), Jason Williams (insurance manager), Lily, Lola, and Sailor, plus Coco Darling the Staffy-bulldog cross and Mr Bear and Tiger the cats.

Stepping through the door of this humble Hawke’s Bay cottage is a little bit magical. You’re greeted by displays of artworkbed pillow covers, curiosities and nature’s bounty and beauty: bowls of fresh fruit and veges picked from the garden, jars filled with greenery, and flowers – lots of them – arranged beautifully throughout the house.

It’s warm and welcoming and you get an immediate sense of the people living here. This is the home of Laura Jeffares, a floral artisan, freelance hairstylist and all-round creative force, who lives here with husband Jason and their three young children, Lily, Lola and Sailor. Situated in central Napier, the house was initially bought by Laura and Jason as a renovation project, with the aim of selling it fairly quickly and moving on. But they fell in love with the location, which is an easy walk to the kids’ schools, the town and the beach. Seven years on, they have well and truly put down roots.


Laura’s collection of floral-themed art has accumulated over the years. Some have been gifted and others found in secondhand shops. The dining table is where most of her floral works are created.


Laura’;s love of flowers starts at the front door.


The front of the house comprises three bedrooms, the centre contains the open-plan kitchen, dining and living room, while the back consists of the bathroom-laundry and a second living area opening out to the backyard.


Bowls of fresh fruit and veges picked from the garden, jars filled with greenery and flowers are arranged beautifully throughout the house.


Kitchen shelves are filled with op-shop teapots, china and glasses.


The single coloured wall in the dining room is painted in Resene ‘Sea Nymph’ and highlights the display of floral pictures which has evolved from Laura’s love of flowers.


The dresser once belonged to Jason’s mum and holds many treasures, including prints by Ryan Ward of @Larrynobody. The tui and kingfisher prints alongside the dresser are by Katie Wallace.


The religious wall art was unearthed in secondhand shops during Laura’s travels.


The house was initially bought by Laura and Jason as a renovation project –; but seven years on, they have well and truly put down roots.


Secondhand finds and gifts adorn the space, like this row of well-worn wooden soldiers along the window sill.


A recently added large rear deck has created an outdoor room perfect for entertaining family and friends.


A beautiful pair of fantails painted on the fence by artist Christie Wright keep an eye on the family’s vege garden.


Sustainable living is an important part of the lifestyle of this couple, who like to tread lightly and minimise what goes into landfills.


Several large vegetable gardens were created by Laura.?“I love being able to pop out and pick fresh produce daily,” says Laura.

Words by: Vic Bibby.?Photography by: Florence Charvin.

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